29th April: Classical music should not fear change, Hamburg State Opera supports Covid patients, Children’s Philharmonic to open 29 September in Paris

Thursday 29th April 2021

Classical music should not fear change

How can we sum up where the performance of music has come from and where it is going next? Across the centuries, as men and women have sung to each other, fashioned instruments, danced in rituals and shouted in celebrations, invented orchestras and conceived symphonies, built concert halls and opera houses, and now live-streamed performances across the globe, are there any common themes that might trace music’s development and plot its future course?

In the wake of a revolution in technology, the sense of a unified tradition of musical development has disappeared: there will be a diverse stream of different idioms stimulated by the constant, unlimited availability of music from the past through recording and broadcasting. That richness may be disorientating, but it is surely a reason for rejoicing rather than regret.

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Hamburgische Staatsoper unterstützt Covid-Patienten

Die Hamburgische Staatsoper ist Teil eines Projekts für ehemalige Corona-Patienten. Gemeinsam mit dem Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf kümmern sich Mitglieder des Gesangsensembles um Menschen mit Luftnot nach einer Infektion, wie sie bei Langzeiterkrankten oft auftritt. Die Sänger trainieren dafür mit den Genesenen die durch die Krankheit geschwächte Atemmuskulatur.

Zweimal die Woche sind dafür halbstündige digitale Einzelcoachings vorgesehen, um Atemkontrolle und Körperhaltung zu üben. Zurzeit nehmen 15 Patienten an dem Projekt teil. Das gemeinsame Training mit den Sängern hatte im April begonnen und dauert insgesamt sechs Wochen. Danach sollen Lungenfunktion und Atemmuskelkraft, aber auch die Lebensqualität über Messungen und Fragebögen mit dem Zustand vor dem Projekt verglichen werden. 


Hamburg State Opera supports Covid patients

The Hamburg State Opera is part of a project for recovering Coronavirus patients. Together with the University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf, members of the singing ensemble take care of people suffering from shortness of breath after the infection, as it is often the case for patients with long-term effects. The singers train, together with the recovering patients, the respiratory muscles which have been weakened by the illness.

Twice a week, half-hour digital individual coaching sessions are planned to practice breathing control and posture. Currently, 15 patients are taking part in the project. The joint training with the singers began in April and lasts a total of six weeks. Afterwards, lung function and respiratory muscle strength, as well as life quality, will be compared with the condition before the project through measurements and questionnaires.

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La Philharmonie des enfants ouvrira ses portes le 29 septembre à Paris

La Philharmonie de Paris inaugurera fin septembre son espace réservé aux enfants de 4 à 10 ans. 1 000 m² où ils pourront s’improviser en groupe de rock ou en chef d’orchestre, se confronter à une forêt de sons ou comprendre le fonctionnement des instruments de musique.

La Philharmonie des enfants, espace ludique qui permettra aux plus jeunes de s’immerger dans la musique ou de s’improviser en chef d’orchestre le temps d’une heure, sera inaugurée le 29 septembre, a annoncé mardi 27 avril la Philharmonie de Paris.

Seuls ou en groupe, les enfants de 4 à 10 ans découvriront librement une trentaine d’installations pour “jouer, explorer, écouter, vivre et sentir la musique”, indique un communiqué.

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The Children’s Philharmonic will open its doors on 29 September in Paris

At the end of September, the Philharmonie de Paris will inaugurate a new space reserved for children aged 4 to 10. The 1,000 m² space will allow them to improvise as a rock band or as an orchestra conductor, confronting an array of sounds and tackling their understanding of how musical instruments work.

The Children’s Philharmonic, a playful space that will allow the youngest to immerse themselves in music or to improvise as an orchestra conductor for an hour, will be inaugurated on 29 September, the Philharmonic of Paris announced on Tuesday 27 April.

Alone or in groups, children from 4 to 10 years old will freely discover thirty or so installations to “play, explore, listen to, experience and feel music”, says a press release.

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