10th June: Beethoven’s African roots, Wagner’s great-granddaughter scandal, James Rhodes’ story of how music saved his life

Wednesday 10th June 2015

Classical news

In today’s news, The Telegraph reveals that good music speeds up our heart beat, a new group try to prove that Beethoven had African roots and Wagner’s great-granddaughter is removed from the board of the Bayreuth Music Festival 2015 by her own sister. Also, James Rhodes tells a tale of public school abuse and how music saved his life.

The Telegraph

Good music always makes your heart beat faster

Labelling certain music as “good for the heart” is typically simplistic science. We should listen to the music we enjoy for a truly invigorating experience

James Rhodes: How music saved the concert pianist’s life

Rhodes’ tale of public school abuse – ‘Instrumental: a Memoir of Madness, Medication and Music’ – fails as a memoir

The Guardian

Back to the future: I’m in the Moog again

Why is Will Gregory rooting around in skips for 70s analogue monosynths? Because, for electronic musicians, they revive the expressive thrill of performance

Does Beethoven’s music reveal his African roots?

A new album by the group Beethoven Was Black aims to prove that the polyrhythms of the composer’s music point to west African heritage. But does their quest open up a more important debate in classical music?

The Independent

Bayreuth Music Festival 2015: Musical differences see Wagner’s great-granddaughter removed from board and banned from the event

The composer founded the festival in 1876, but a family feud has seen Eva Wagner-Pasquier barred from attending by her own sister

Südwest Presse

Viele Premieren und eine monströse Zahl

Den Spielplan für die Saison 2015/2016 stellten am gestrigen Mittwoch das Staatstheater Stuttgart vor – aber die Kosten für die nötige Generalsanierung des Opernhauses machten Schlagzeilen: 400 Millionen Euro.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Wer braucht schon Apple Music?

Apple hat nun auch einen Streaming-Dienst. Davon gibt es mittlerweile viele. Wieso sollte man die zehn Euro im Monat für „Apple Music“ ausgeben? Viele gute Gründe gibt es nicht.


Französisch-deutsche Freundschaft nach Noten

Beim Festival International de Colmar setzt Vladimir Spivakov auf Festivaltradition und Kontinuität


Elbphilharmonie: Kostenanstieg bleibt ohne juristische Folgen

Der extreme Kostenanstieg beim Bau der Elbphilharmonie von ursprünglich 77 Millionen auf aktuell 850 Millionen Euro bleibt für die Verantwortlichen juristisch folgenlos. Nach einjährigen Ermittlungen auf der Grundlage des 725 Seiten umfassenden Berichts des Parlamentarischen Untersuchungsausschusses (PUA) hat die Staatsanwaltschaft Hamburg die Akte offiziell geschlossen.

The New York Times

Orchestra in Turin, Italy, Names James Conlon as Principal Conductor

James Conlon, the versatile New York-born maestro, is returning to Europe for his next podium: he will become the principal conductor of the RAI National Symphony Orchestra in Turin, Italy, in 2016, the orchestra said on Tuesday.


Colston Hall ‏: The art of conducting a room full of monosynths talks about his Ensemble’s approach

BBC Music Magazine ‏: Good morning! Did you know that the first ever performance of Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde took place today? OK. You probably did…

Royal Academy of Music: Peter Cropper, who believed passionately in the power of music to change lives: obituary,


Does Beethoven’s music reveal his African roots? Photograph: Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images (taken from The Guardian)