Ailie Robertson

Harpist, Composer

Releasing a debut classical single was a completely new foray for Ailie as a composer, although she is a well-known figure in the folk world. She was releasing a single, rather than a whole album, as an introduction into the UK classical music industry.


For the UK press campaign, we created a strategy that focused on placement of the single on playlists, and interviews with her, in order to achieve her aims: introduce her to the UK music press as a composer; introduce her to new audiences and engage new listeners; use our creative skills to remove the restrictions of releasing a single without a following album; secure a steady flow of press coverage before and after the single release; raise awareness of the single to generate sales.



  • #2 in iTunes Classical Chart one day after the official release, following playlist placement
  • 3.1 million readership of national newspaper’s lifestyle magazine, where Ailie’s interview was published
  • 2 million and 1 million in listenership for BBC Radio 3 and BBC Radio Scotland, where we arranged live interviews and performances with Ailie
  • Over 40,000 followers on the Spotify playlists where we placed Haven
  • 15-fold increase in followers for Ailie on Spotify, following playlist placement  
  • Audience of 10,000 for major music magazines and online publications that featured interviews and blogs


Press and PR