AyseDeniz Gokcin


Turkish pianist and composer AyseDeniz is no stranger to rock and roll. As a performer and arranger of the best-loved hits from pop to grunge, her classical music background might come as something of a surprise to audiences at sold-out shows across the world.

With a growing global fan-base and dedicated social media following in the tens of thousands, AyseDeniz will release new works inspired by the classical masters Beethoven and Mozart – with a contemporary twist.

Not one to shy away from the unconventional, AyseDeniz has performed in some of the world’s most prestigious concert halls, as well as in more unusual venues, from the Kremlin Palace in Moscow to a basketball court in Ecuador.

In live performances, AyseDeniz utilises her captivating stage presence, combining it with staggering technical skill and dexterity, often collaborating with other musicians, dancers, designers and artists.

In 2019, AyseDeniz conquered the contemporary-classical world with appearances at Burning Man in Nevada, US, and scheduled dates across Europe and Turkey. This year, AyseDeniz will be releasing her new album ‘MOTUS’.

WildKat PR has worked with AyseDeniz on several of her projects over the past years, including her Pink Floyd ‘Lisztified’ success, and the release of her first album containing her original compositions.


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