Carlos Cipa


WildKat is managing the UK PR campaign for Carlos Cipa’s third studio album ‘Retronyms‘, following a collaboration in 2014 for ‘All Your Life You Walk’.

Cipa is a Munich-based composer and multi-instrumentalist. Having originally trained as a classical pianist, he later studied contemporary classical composition at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Munich. During his teenage years, he learnt to play the drums and gained experience as a member of various bands. Experimenting with different styles of music, he returned to the piano as his main instrument and played with composition and improvisation. He released his debut album The Monarch and the Viceroy and his sophomore record All your life you walk on Denovali Records in 2012 and 2014 respectively.

Retronyms is Cipa’s third studio album, which showcases the development of his artistic approach, as well as his colour palette. The eight pieces see Cipa bring together his background as a classically trained pianist and composer with his interest in pop music, jazz and electronic music in all its diverse facets. Each note on this album is meticulously thought through, and yet Retronyms radiates with visceral spontaneity.

The album will be released on Warner Classics on 23 August 2019



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