Led by award-winning harpsichordist Elina Albach, CONTINUUM is one of Germany’s foremost early music ensembles, comprising of a large pool of instrumentalists and singers that enables the performance of almost any conceivable version of a piece: From large choral ensembles to intimate three-person settings.

CONTINUUM for the harpsichordist Elina Albach is the freedom to think early music in a completely new way, to present it innovatively and thus to relate it to our current present. With CONTINUUM, baroque music travels back into the future. Already since 2015, CONTINUUM has been creating projects that explore the topicality of early music, spectacular interweavings of early and contemporary music with the development of new repertoire for baroque instruments and innovative concert designs.

Their repertoire includes a variety of projects, with collaborations with dance companies and their version of Bach’s St John Passion with only three musicians, was performed as part of a hugely popular live-stream during the height of COVID lockdowns, bringing joy to people worldwide in a time of isolation. They will be performing two concerts in Berlin in November 2023, a new adaptation of Bach’s Markus-Passion, with famed Swiss author, Jürg Halter.

We are delighted to be working with CONTINUUM on their PR and social networks.


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