Marhulets Agency

The mission of the Damian Marhulets | Project Agency is to tighten the links between classical music, popular electronic culture and audiovisual art. The agency focuses on the conception and execution of high quality, challenging, cross-genre projects with emphasis on those that have grown out of the creative dialog between tradition of classical music and contemporary digital cultures. Most of the projects revolve around the interaction between sound and image (audiovisual performances, visual music).

Damian Marhulets began his musical career as an oboist, winning several international competitions and performing with highly renowned orchestras and ensembles. He soon discovered his talent for modern composition and electronic music and expanded his studies at the Hannover Music Academy and later in Cologne.

In 2014 he founded his own project agency, developing extraordinary projects by combining different musical genres as well as other artistic fields. Through his work as an artistic director, he has worked with various outstanding artists to carry out inter-disciplinary productions worldwide.

WildKat PR supported him in organising several upcoming projects in Europe, amongst others with American clarinettist David Krakauer and pianist/composer Marina Baranova, as well as taking care of publicity for the agency and upcoming concerts.


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