Composer, Producer, Vocalist

Esbe is a prolific composer, producer and vocalist who draws inspiration from her North African and Eastern European heritage. She is also informed by her love of early music, particularly John Dowland, which is seamlessly fused with British folk, jazz and Indian classical styles. 

Esbe is a multifaceted musician who graduated from Royal Academy of Music with an LRAM and won the ‘Julian Bream Prize for Guitar’.  She has since gone on to produce and record a great variety of music in her North London Studio. As well as creating a variety of music, each with a unique blend of styles, Esbe is a coveted session singer and string and vocal arranger.

Esbe’s eclectic blend can be heard in her critically acclaimed 2023 release, ‘Blow the Wind Southerly’. A collection of a capella multi-tracked arrangements of notable songs from the folk and mediaeval canon. Esbe has two upcoming releases in 2024, the first being the original soundtrack for the film ‘Raven’, composed in collaboration with multi-instrumentalist and film composer, Peter Michaels, and her ninth studio album ‘La Serenissima’.

‘La Serenissima’ takes its title from the 17th Century name for Venice: the project consists of eleven musical reflections inspired by the famous city. It not only showcases Esbe’s extensive vocal and compositional abilities, but is a rare insight into her prowess as a classical guitarist. The album is also an outlet for Esbe’s growing concern for the environment and global warming’s implications on the City of Canals.

‘Footsteps’ the first single from the album ‘La Serenissima’ will be released on 2 February 2024.


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