Jasha Klebe


Jasha Klebe is a BAFTA and Emmy nominated film and TV composer, best known for his emotive melodies and scores. Klebe displays his willingness to experiment with sound and genre by combining potent contemporary soundscapes with classically inspired melodies using a variety of instruments. 

Notable soundtracks that Klebe has composed include ‘BBC’s Planet Earth II’ and  documentaries such as Netflix’s ‘The Black Godfather’, National Geographic’s ‘Challenger Disaster: Lost Tapes’ and ‘Diana: In Her Own Words’. His work can be heard in programmes broadcast by Netflix, The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, National Geographic and BBC, and more.

Klebe’s musical career began at just five years old, singing at his grandparents’ opera house, the Cinnabar Theatre, California. He studied both trombone and classical piano and eventually went on to work at Remote Control Productions under Hans Zimmer. His talent and dedication has led him to become an outstanding composer at Bleeding Fingers Music. 

Jasha Klebe’s innovative style can be recognised in his most recent soundtrack  ‘Freedom on Fire’, Evgeny Afineevsky’s continuation of the Oscar nominated film ‘Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom’, for which Klebe also composed the score. For this film, Klebe had to use a different compositional approach due to the evolving nature of the conflict, where he found himself reacting to a stream of new information and footage. Released digitally on 5 January 2024 with Chromium Music Group, the score is centred around Ukrainian violinist and cellist, Vera Lytovchenko and Olena Dvorska, in order to bring an authentic Ukrainian voice to both the film and the music.


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