The Jubilee Quartet

Quartet, String Quartet

The Jubilee Quartet wanted to increase their profile in the classical music industry, using the release of their debut Haydn CD as a hook. We created a campaign that aimed to create awareness of the quartet within the industry through reviews of their CD, broadcast media coverage and interviews and features with the quartet members.



  • Reviews in two national newspaper publications, The Sunday Times and The Telegraph, with a total readership of 2.4 million
  • 2 million in listenership for BBC Radio 3, where we arranged an extract from Op. 64 No. 4 to be featured on ‘Essential Classics’
  • A print readership of 230,000 for the ensemble’s feature in BBC Music Magazine
  • A digital audience of over 250,000 for features in classical music magazines online including The Strad, Gramophone and BBC Music Magazine
  • A combined audience of over 150,000 for Classic FM placements, across all their social media platforms
  • Over 83K in listenership for tracks placed in classical music playlists on the streaming platform Deezer
  • A readership of over 27,700 for major music magazines and online publications that featured interviews and reviews of the CD and the quartet’s live concert
  • A total print readership of over 46,000 for the ensemble’s two separate features in Gramophone



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