Les Epopées

Baroque ensemble

The Compagnie lyrique Les Epopées takes its name from those great founding stories which still make us dream today. Under the impetus of its conductor, Stéphane Fuget, it weaves a musical journey with a rich and moving vision, beyond the boundaries of notation. Indeed, the score is a framework, a sort of trompe-l’oeil. The interpretation must find life beyond the design of this notation: the melody of baroque song, at once dressed in an extravagant profusion of ornamentation and highly declamatory.

Supporting the emergence of young talent by giving them the opportunity to be heard in large-scale projects alongside internationally renowned artists is what makes Les Epopées an extraordinary human and artistic adventure. Because the transmission and sharing of experience are at the heart of Stéphane Fuget’s project, a large proportion of the artists who take part in the concerts are former students (47% of the singers and 40% of the instrumentalists), among the best of the young generation. Les Epopées thus offers a real professional integration for young instrumentalists and singers.

WildKat is happy to work with Les Epopées for their new releases and upcoming concerts in Europe.



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