Ensemble Resonanz & Charly Hübner


Ensemble Resonanz will release their new album mercy seat – winterreise together with actor Charly Hübner on their own label resonanzraum records in October 2020. The album will also be presented live in three concerts in Hamburg, Viersen and Cologne in early October 2020.

The album presents Schubert’s Winterreisefrom a new perspective: that of a man who finally pleads guilty on the “mercy seat” in the moments before his death. First, however, he wanders into solitude, in search of freedom. In this new project, Franz Schubert’s spirit meets the songs of the Australian rock poet Nick Cave.

Actor Charly Hübner has discovered his own interpretation to Schubert’s music and Nick Cave’s songs: expressing a very direct, almost unpolished, delivery as he conveys urgency and despair and comes closer to the texts and a primal expression. To enhance this interpretation, Ensemble Resonanz has looked for new ways to let the music of Schubert and Cave meld and blend into one another. Composer Tobias Schwencke provides the right arrangements that the ensemble and a top-class jazz band implement together.

WildKat is very happy to work with the Ensemble Resonanz again for this unique project. In addition to press and public relations work for the CD release, we will also support the ensemble with a Social Media campaign for the album.


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