Minguet Quartet and Roberto Rusconi

String Quartet

Roberto Rusconi and the Minguet Quartet have a long-standing working relationship. They have collaborated on many projects, however this was the first commission from Olga D’Alesio, a classically trained violinist and supporter of the arts. Olga commissioned Roberto to write¬†Variazioni Tiepolo for solo violin, inspired by a series of sketches by 18th Century Italian artist Giovanni Battista Tiepolo and references to alchemy that were hidden within.

For the press campaign we focused on interviews and editorial pieces on the composer and the quartet, as well as getting the word out about the world premiere by way of listings and previews. We aimed to increase the platform of Roberto and the quartet in the UK by way of press features, and also concentrated on ticket sales, using social media, listings and reciprocal marketing. We also worked closely alongside the Southbank Centre on event management, ensuring that the running of the concert went smoothly on the day.


  • An audience of nearly 200 people for the concert (concert hall over 2/3 full)
  • Readership of 22.6K for Roberto’s PRS M-Magazine interview
  • Readership of 124K for the Minguet Quartet’s blog on The Strad
  • 5 interviews conducted during Roberto’s first UK PR campaign
  • Audience of 8,560 for major music magazines and online publications that featured interviews and blogs



Press and PR
Event and Tour Organisation