National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain


Championing orchestral music as a powerful agent for teenage development.

The National Youth Orchestra was founded in 1948 as a post war symbol of hope and confidence. For over 70 years their pioneering spirit has made them a leader in high quality music education and a champion of teenage potential. NYO activates teenagers’ confidence, optimism and skills to play their part in the world today, through performing and sharing extraordinary music. They open doors for young people, equipping them with new ideas, new experiences, new friends and new music to master. By developing their potential as role models, they employ music to create a movement of changemakers making a positive impact for their generation.

Over the next decade they aim to create a significantly bigger national community for teenage musicians of all backgrounds and different levels of ability. The world is changing beyond measure for young people. Society is increasingly divisive. The crisis in young people’s mental health is one of the biggest challenges of our time. NYO believes in the power of music to address this.

We know that 82% of young people from low-income families who participate in arts activities at school report better well-being. Researchers have been unable to identify a comparable activity that develops the cognitive capacity of young people, in the same ways, or to the same extent as music and arts education. World leaders agree that the interpersonal, social and emotional skills that are fostered by the arts are most needed in the workforce.

NYO’s high-quality opportunities address the growing limitations in music education provision, especially where social inequality exacerbates challenges faced by young people. They have a track record for supporting teenagers to excel, whatever their background and circumstances. Their equity initiatives have strengthened the representation of young people from all backgrounds in the NYO community.

Their unique approach fosters understanding and hope between young people, cultivating positive disciplines, values and skills, supporting their futures. NYO’s work plays a vital role in diversifying and sustaining the talent pipeline for the UK’s world class music industry alongside an array of different professions.

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