Night Dreamer


Based in London and Amsterdam, Night Dreamer is a Direct-to-Disc label that uses vintage analogue mastering and recording equipment to capture raw musicianship in single-take performances that go straight from the studio to vinyl pressing. This process is believed to encourage artists to bring out the best in the music in one take, which is at the centre of Night Dreamer’s philosophy. 

In order to facilitate the creation of direct-to-disc recordings, Night Dreamer work with Artone Studio, located above Haarlem’s Record Industry pressing plant in the Netherlands. This means that the single-take recording is simply ‘walked downstairs’ to the pressing plant. 

As a way of expanding their classical catalogue, Night Dreamer will be releasing new recordings from pianist Nicolas van Poucke and contemporary collective Nieuw Amsterdams Peil in early 2024. Both artists have expressed the importance of the story-telling aspect of music performance and how a single moment or ‘mistake’ can change the trajectory of a piece. 

Despite the use of old-school technology, Night Dreamer’s methods endure:by combining a host of long-standing factors and modern ingenuity, the results are both contemporary and timeless. 



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