String Manufacturer

As one of the most internationally renowned music string manufacturers PIRASTRO prides itself on quality, innovation, and value in the world of stringed instruments. This traditional company, based in Offenbach, Germany, has been producing instrument strings and other related products which are sold worldwide and used by many famous musicians for over 222 years.

PIRASTRO offers a versatile range of products that meet the professional musicians highest demands. Musicians can choose from a complete range of gut strings (e.g. Passione and Oliv), synthetic strings (e.g. Evah Pirazzi and Tonica) or steel strings (e.g. Flexocor and Chromcor). PIRASTRO rosins are designed specifically for use with PIRASTRO strings and this combination is in no small part responsible for the famous world-renowned PIRASTRO sound. With the KorfkerCradle® and KorfkerRest®, PIRASTRO also offers shoulder rests for musicians which are unparalleled in quality, reliability, and comfort.

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