Quatuor Akilone

String Quartet

The Akilone Quartet is the fruit of a musical and human adventure that began in Paris in 2011. Elegant playing, a generous sound and a lively spirit drive this ensemble to bring poetry and depth to the works it tackles. Four people, four different characters and four different ways of thinking to form a single instrument with 16 strings… and 40 fingers! The impossible becomes real when listening, perseverance and flexible rigour are at the service of the imagination.

Making informed choices, bringing these scores to life, understanding their essence and bringing them to life – that’s the challenge facing the Akilone Quartet. Their meeting with Hatto Beyerle, with whom the musicians continue to exchange ideas, proved to be fundamental, and his philosophical and rhetorical vision of music now enables them to grow while questioning themselves. Eminent chamber musicians such as Vladimir Mendelssohn, Johannes Meissl, Xavier Gagnepain, Jean Sulem, Miguel Da Silva, the Quatuor Ebène and Mathieu Herzog have guided them and continue to support them. The ECMA, of which they are alumni members, has also been a fabulous learning ground. The Akilone Quartet is a member of the Proquartet association.

Firmly rooted in its time, and thanks to its collaboration with the Musethica and Concerts de Poche associations, the Akilone Quartet is musically committed to helping prisoners, refugees and disabled people. This approach is fundamental for these young musicians, for whom the ties they forge with diverse audiences are vital. Their guiding principle is to enable all those who need and want to escape for a moment into a poetic and liberating world of sound.

Magdalena Geka, violin I
Elise De-Bendelac, violin II
Perrine Guillemot, viola
Lucie Mercat, cello


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