Concert Series

Curated by composer Alex Groves, the ‘live playlist’ concert series SOLO presents solo instrumental recitals with some of the UK’s leading classical musicians within an intimate and personal environment. Each concert gives a distinguished soloist a platform to explore the music that has influenced and shaped the performer they are today. Alex’s fresh programmatic approach contrasts conventional classical concerts, where the focus is often on the composer rather than the performer.

Now in its 8th concert, SOLO is a melting pot of influences, personal thoughts and expressions that creates a space for conversation between the performers and audience. Previous editions of SOLO have featured recitals from percussionist Joby Burgess, viola da gamba player Liam Byrne, pianist Eliza McCarthy, and many more.

WildKat is working with SOLO on PR surrounding their next two concerts: SOLO 08 and SOLO 09.


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