Sons of Serendip


WildKat is delighted to be working on the press and PR for Sons of Serendip, including their upcoming tour. Sons of Serendip is a musical group of four close friends who through a series of serendipitous events met at graduate school, Sons of Serendip not only won the hearts of America during their Semi-Finalist run on America’s Got Talent, but also have since garnered nationwide fans with their live and recorded music and have received press praise from countless publications and media.  Their often heart-tugging musicality and genuine on-stage charisma complete a unique brand of talent and performance. National TV fame has merely been the launching point for Micah the lead vocalist, Cordaro the pianist, Mason the harpist, and Kendall the pianist’s promising artistic careers full of heart, originality and a visionary passion for their craft.


Press and PR