Supriya Nagarajan

Artist & Composer

Indian artist and composer, Supriya Nagarajan has emerged on the scene with the release of her debut album this year, co-created with composer, Duncan Chapman and inspired by a National Trust sponsored event in the Peak District called, ‘Be Kinder’.

The event was created and hosted by ‘Pulp’ frontman and BBC Radio 6 presenter Jarvis Cocker, and Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller, where Supriya performed in 2019. Cocker and Deller were so impressed with Supriya’s work that they encouraged her to consider creating an album showcasing her amazing voice and the music she created for ‘Be Kinder’.

Dusk Notes is an evocative album, full of sensory experience, notes of tenderness, compassion and love. In short, it encompasses a celebration of spirituality and dusk ragas.
For Supriya, music is a full sensory journey, involving an array of colours, emotions, taste and smell. She chooses ragas that respond to her sensory experience within her music and the raga is one of the fundamental building blocks of Indian music.

Supriya made her transition into a musical career at the age of 32 after starting off in a banking career working for HSBC. As banking changed at the start of the 21st century, it no longer presented a profession Supriya felt a passion for as personal customer service became redundant. It was in 2005 that Supriya founded Manasamitra as a way of fulfilling her original passion for music and presenting traditional and contemporary Indian art to other audiences.

Following the success of her first single, ‘Notes at Dusk’, Supriya will release her second single and video ‘On the Banks of Jamuna’ on 6th November 2020, followed by her Album on 20th November 2020.


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