Tête à Tête

Opera Company

With a commitment to redefining and reclaiming ‘opera’, Tête à Tête is the world’s largest festival of new opera, founded by director Bill Bankes-Jones in 1997. Since its inception, the company has worked with over 10,000 creatives on over 500 new productions.

This year, Tête à Tête will be producing its 12th festival, which the company puts on annually to celebrate new, boundary-pushing opera and provide a space for creators to experiment with new and innovative ideas. 2019 will see the festival running from 22 July to 11 August, with venues in theatres, outdoor spaces and private houses in Kings Cross, Hoxton and Dulwich. This year’s programme will include a reworking of ‘Madame Butterfly’ turned entirely on its head to become ‘Madame Butterflop’, in addition to exciting contemporary new commissions about toothless tortoises and children’s handclapping, all entangled within its 2019 theme ‘it might be okay’.

Results from the Tête à Tête 2018 festival include:

  • Four articles in the national online publications The Guardian and The Independent, culminating in a readership of over 3 million
  • Interviews and previews in the London newspapers Evening Standard and i news, with a total readership of over 1 million
  • 234K in readership for a preview in the classical music magazine BBC Music Magazine
  • Over 12K in readership for two features in The Stage (a review and a preview) as well as interviews and previews in Diva Magazine and The Wire

We are working with Tête à Tête again to further generate awareness of the 2019 festival in both the classical music and opera press as well as non-music press, looking to gain previews, interviews and reviews with the Tête à Tête team and other creatives involved.



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