The Hillside Project


The Hillside Project released its second contemporary classical album The Available Light on 29 September 2023. This new work expands initial experiments with felted piano into 12 innovative arrangements for piano, string quintet, synthesisers and percussion. The Hillside Project gave a special performance of the album to accompany the release on Saturday 30 September 2023 at St Matthias Church, London.

Josh Hill has a long-established career as a composer, having worked and made music for a wide variety of projects, commissions and purposes. The Hillside Project is a musical umbrella that accommodates Hill’s eclectic tastes outside of the solo piano genre, making for a unique sonic fusion of electronic and classical elements.

Beginning in 2018 with ‘A Cautious Flowering (For Jen)’, The Hillside Project has amassed a library of some 38 works, including ongoing EP series 88 Short Stories which contains popular piece ‘Verditer’, A Watch of Nightingales for jazz trio, and debut album Ocellus, which was released with a livestream performance featuring specially-made films by Ricardo Sanchez and Q&A with Hill.

WildKat looks forward to supporting The Hillside Project in the release of its new album.


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