Your Call…

Music theatre

The comically surreal world of Your Call… is a music theatre work that uses technology to explore our relationship with the digital world and its increasingly indispensable, often intrusive, presence in our lives. Scored entirely for live and synthetic voices, Your Call… probes the fluidity and mutability of online identity through a single character, The Woman. Played in dual iterations by Mezzo Sopranos Lisa J. Coates and Hai-Ting Chinn, The Woman is perpetually plugged into a digital world that is unravelling as she listens. The gaggle of synthetic voices on her phone are both annoying and alluring as she sinks ever deeper into an online reality that is forever in flux.

Created by composer/writer Kevin Jones with choreography by Joy Kellman, the complete Your Call… premiered at Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival this year, following the performances of Part 1 in 2014. The work has developed considerably since its initial performance with the introduction of the second singer and a greatly expanded stage design including video projections, created by Hannah Wasileski, to further illuminate the instability of online identity. And there might be a skateboard involved.


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