Clueless about classical composers

Monday 23rd August 2010

Whilst currently mid-week of video blogging about the 2010 prommers’ views on classical music, we came across an article written in the Telegraph by Richard Alleyne, entitled ‘British clueless when it comes to classical composers‘. It is reporting back findings carried out in a survey about how little the British know about the general knowledge of the classical music world.

What better article could there be to accompany our current investigation on the general public’s views and opinions of classical music than this one? Many of the results support our findings so far.

The major statistic that was highlighted in my eyes was the fact that 27 per cent had never even heard of the great British composer Edward Elgar. Not only did this number of people not know who he is, but two thirds had no knowledge of the fact he wrote Pomp and Circumstance!

Another result of these findings is that 61 per cent of people said they liked classical music either a lot or a little. This may seem promising but when thinking about it, over a third of the public do not like classical music, even though classical music is the basis of all genres of music. The older generation were shown as being much more keen compared to the younger generation. This will be shown and backed up by our ‘What’s your view? #5’ when we will be asking ‘what is your stereotype of classical music?’ later this week.

So the big question I could be ask is to how can the public be more aware, and in turn, take a liking to classical music? Is the root of the problem way back at the age of 5 when we begin schooling or is it more the current media and stigma attached to classical music? It is one of our aims to broadcast the general classical music world to a wider and, dare I say it, the unstereotypical public!