Composer Lukas Ligeti Celebrates 100-Year Anniversary of His Father, György Ligeti

Tuesday 11th July 2023

The classical world has been celebrating 100 years since the birth of composer György Ligeti, a groundbreaking composer whose works are known for their innovative approaches to rhythm, texture, and form.

His son, Lukas Ligeti is also a torchbearer of innovation and has carved out a unique career by blending various musical styles, with elements of contemporary classical music, jazz, African rhythms, and experimental electronic music.

There were many events internationally around May/June that paid tribute to György Ligeti, with Lukas being involved in events in Germany, Hungary, Romania and the U.K.

One of the many events Lukas had a presence at was the Moers Festival, with three different musical formations:

  • The world premiere of his composition “En même temps…“, for 8 improvising musicians, with the Paris-based Ensemble Icosikaihenagoneas
  • An appearance with his Burkina Faso-based experimental electronic pop band, Burkina Electric which included the world premiere of the extended version of “Égal… pas pareil… nonpareil” for Burkina Electric and the Ensemble BRuCH
Burkina Electric – © Noël Vollmer

During this time, Lukas was featured in a number of publications, including an interview on WDR 3 TonArt.

Lukas also had an insightful interview with concerti.de, where he spoke about his compositional techniques.

“My father liked to wear wool sweaters. During lectures, he then showed the different strands of fabric on one sleeve, which were woven together in such a way that one no longer saw individual threads, but the entire texture”.

Read the full article here.

Lukas also spoke to BBC Radio 3 InTune and revealed the passion he shared with his father for creating imaginary worlds, both musical and non-musical.

The interview features a fascinating note about how a young Lukas inspired György Kurtág’s Játékok…

Listen here from 39:08.

A brilliant celebration of György Ligeti on this 100-year anniversary continues into the rest of the year. Take a look at Lukas’ upcoming concerts here.