20th June: Song wakes choirmaster on brink of death from coma, the relationship between architecture and music and how composers portray the animal kingdom

Friday 20th June 2014

Classical News

The Times

Song wakes choirmaster on brink of death from coma

After ten days spent watching her husband in a coma, Carol Todd was told by doctors that the internationally acclaimed choirmaster had just a 1 per cent chance of waking up.

The Telegraph

Heard the one about Debussy and the goldfish?

How composers portray the animal kingdom in their music says a lot about them – and us, says Ivan Hewett.

The Guardian

Stephen Hough: A little night music

Pianists are nocturnal animals – whether they like it or not. Stephen Hough explains why the night and all it represents has inspired the music on his latest CD.



Italian architect and illustrator Federico Babina  has devised a series of posters that depict well-known pieces of music as cartoon buildings. The project, Archimusic, explores the relationship between music and architecture, and sees Babina illustrate pieces by JS Bach, Mozart, Phillip Glass as well as jazz legends Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Chet Baker and John Coltrane.

Die Welt

Antisemitismus-Angst – Met überträgt nicht live

Abgesagt: New Yorks Metropolitan Opera cancelt die weltweite Kinoübertragung von John Adams’ Oper “The Death of Klinghoffer”. Begründung: Die Met will keine antisemitischen Ressentiments schüren.

Berliner Zeitung

Lieber Daniel, du bist hier kein Gast − du bist Familie!

Gipfeltreffen: Simon Rattle feierte mit Daniel Barenboim dessen fünfzigjährige Partnerschaft mit den Berliner Philharmonikern.


Mit Gefühl und Verstand – Maddalena del Gobbos Album “Viola D’Emozione”

Um Gambensolistin zu werden, muss man wohl wirklich eine starke Berufung spüren. Das Instrument ist so außergewöhnlich wie die junge Interpretin Maddalena del Gobbo.


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Carol and Barry Todd


Photo: The Times