8th June: Coronavirus: Two-metre rule ‘must be relaxed for musicians’, “Making more theatre events in Berlin possible with corona tests”, Classical music festivals that go on at all costs

Monday 8th June 2020

Coronavirus: Two-metre rule ‘must be relaxed for musicians’

The government is being urged to ease social distancing for musicians, so more of them can get back performing and recording.

Musicians’ Union leader Horace Trubridge told the BBC they could play “side by side” to lessen the risk of spreading coronavirus. The 2m rule was “overkill” at a “bleak” time for his members, he added.

The government said it welcomed “creative and innovative” ideas to help the UK’s “brilliant” musicians.

Coronavirus means theatres, pubs, clubs and other indoor music venues will be closed for the foreseeable future, while promoters have cancelled all the UK’s main festivals.

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Lederer: Mit Corona-Tests mehr Theater in Berlin möglich machen

Theater sollen nach Plänen von Berlins Kultursenator Klaus Lederer mit regelmäßigen Tests in der Corona-Krise mehr Möglichkeiten für ihre Bühnenaktivitäten bekommen. «Wir arbeiten mit unseren Einrichtungen an einer tauglichen Teststrategie, damit auf den Bühnen wieder Dinge mit Nähe passieren können», sagte der Linke-Politiker der Deutschen Presse-Agentur in Berlin.

«Wenn wir unsere Einrichtungen wieder öffnen, dann möchte ich, dass zumindest so viel künstlerische Freiheit existiert, dass man keine Maskenspiel-Pläne machen muss. Jedenfalls dann nicht, wenn die Stücke keine Masken vorsehen», sagte der Linke-Politiker der Deutschen Presse-Agentur in Berlin. Als Beispiel verwies er auf entsprechende Konzepte etwa im Fußball.

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Lederer: “Making more theatre events in Berlin possible with corona tests”

According to plans by Berlin’s Senator for Culture Klaus Lederer, theatres should be given more opportunities for their stage activities with regular tests during the Corona crisis. “We are working with our facilities on a suitable test strategy so that things with proximity can happen again on stages,” the left-wing politician told the German Press Agency in Berlin.

“When we reopen our facilities, I want there to be at least so much artistic freedom that you don’t have to make masquerade plans. At least not if the plays do not include masks,” the left-wing politician told the German Press Agency in Berlin. As an example he referred to corresponding concepts in football, for example.

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Ces festivals de musique classique qui se maintiennent coûte que coûte

Certains festivals s’interrogent encore sur leur maintien cet été, soit du fait des conditions sanitaires qui réduisent drastiquement les jauges, soit en raison des difficultés qui frappent leurs financeurs. C’est par exemple le cas de l’Août musical de Deauville, dont 70 % des ressources proviennent du casino Barrière. Mais d’autres se sont activés dès le discours du Premier ministre, jeudi, incitant à une reprise de la vie culturelle, à l’instar des « Rencontres Musicales d’Evian ».

D’abord imaginées à huis clos, elles devraient être l’un des premiers festivals de musique classique à se dérouler devant du public, du 4 au 9 juillet. « C’est parce que nous nous étions mis en position de préserver ces concerts que nous sommes aujourd’hui en capacité, en prenant un maximum de précautions, d’accueillir des spectateurs », commente son directeur exécutif, Alexandre Hémardinquer.

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These classical music festivals that go on at all costs

Some festivals are still wondering whether they will be maintained this summer, either because of the sanitary conditions which drastically reduce the gauges, or because of the difficulties hitting their financers. This is for example the case of the Août musical de Deauville, where 70% of the resources come from the Barrière casino. But others have been active since the Prime Minister’s speech on Thursday, encouraging a resumption of cultural life, such as the “Rencontres Musicales d’Evian“.

Initially conceived behind closed doors, they should be one of the first classical music festivals to take place in front of an audience, from 4 to 9 July. “It is because we have put ourselves in a position to preserve these concerts that we are now able to welcome spectators by taking the greatest possible precautions,” says its executive director, Alexandre Hémardinquer.

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