Fashion at the Proms 2012: our pick of the week 3

Wednesday 15th August 2012

This week’s ‘Fashion at the Proms‘ Prommers were some of our most chatty and opinionated interviewees to date. It was fascinating to talk to a range of concert-goers: from Dina, who thinks that classical music is far too elitist, and that welcoming new fashions and appearances would be a great way to move forward; to John, who thinks that ‘uniform prevents competition’ so ensembles should all look the same when performing.

As always at the Proms, we met a wonderful range of audience members who had an interest in fashion. The incredibly bubbly Rosy, wearing fantastic Vivienne Westwood pumps, is a lover of fashion and classical music, but chooses her Proms outfits simply because of the weather. Lovely Lucy, a young Prommer, showed us her Mulberry bag and told us that Proms performers should choose their outfits to suit the music they are playing.

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