11th June: Javid and Harman’s artistic ideals, the unclaimed piano and Richard Strauss’ 150th birthday

Wednesday 11th June 2014

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Sajid Javid and Harriet Harman set out artistic ideals

The new culture secretary, Sajid Javid, and his shadow counterpart, Harriet Harman, have both made powerful speeches addressing young people and approaches to class difference in the arts, speaking within three weeks of the Arts Council announcing its spending plans for 2015-18.

The Telegraph

Stradivarius violin auction: Listen to Bach played on $10m ‘The Kreutzer’ instrument

A rare 1731 Stradivarius violin found at Manhattan home of Huguette Clark, late heiress to $500m copper fortune, is expected to fetch $10m at auction. Listen to violinist Tamsin Waley-Cohen play Bach on the instrument.


Metal one-man-band version of Indiana Jones

John Williams’ Indiana Jones theme has been turned into an epic one-man heavy metal version thanks to a solo artist calling himself TheHumanTim.

The Times

Danielle de Niese’s six of the best opera cads

Extravagantly suffering heroines often take centre stage in operas, but where would they be without the caddish men who oppress them? These are the male roles that make me wish I could change gender for a night.


Sydney Opera House to stream Emanuel Ax’s Beethoven cycle

American pianist will perform the five Beethoven piano concertos with David Robertson live online.

Die Welt

Richard Strauss, Originalgenie und Opportunist

Heute wäre Richard Strauss, janusköpfigster aller Komponisten, 150 Jahre alt geworden. Mit ihm sind wir noch lange nicht fertig. Denn zwischen Avantgardisten und bürgerlichem Bewahrer klaffen Risse.

The New York Times

A Symphony’s Viral Video

Debating the Seattle Orchestra’s Foray With Sir Mix-A-Lot

El Mundo

Muere Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos, patriarca de todos los directores de orquesta de España

Ha sido la batuta con más prestigio que ha salido de España en la segunda mitad del XX


Piano Washed Up by East River, NY 

Video: Piano Lady Sits in East River with a Washed Up Grand, Still No One Lays Claim to Mysterious Instrument Washed Ashore

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Photos: Steve Punter/Flickr & www.sajidjavid.com