15th June: HMV is back, Sibelius Violin Competition postponed, Claude Samuel passed away, Operalia Competition Postponed until 2021

Monday 15th June 2020

HMV owner Doug Putman on the return of the music chain after lockdown

HMV is back.

After three months of lockdown, the music chain is reopening this week (June 15) after the government eased restrictions on ‘non-essential’ retail. In the latest issue of Music Week, we report on the return of music retail, including HMV’s 93 stores in England and Belfast. Restrictions remain in place in Wales and Scotland, where a further 15 stores will stay closed for now.

HMV owner Doug Putman said the response from customers to news of the reopening has been “awesome”. “I couldn’t be happier with the reaction, which is great,” he told Music Week. “I think HMV is a really special thing. Obviously, I’m pretty proud to be able to be a part of it. Yeah, it’s exciting to get them back open on Monday.”

However, HMV will be a very different experience under the government’s Covid-19 safety guidance. The stores will employ strict safety measures, including signage to ensure social distancing among shoppers, screens at tills, and compulsory use of hand sanitiser during vinyl browsing.

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Sibelius Violin-Wettbewerb wird verschoben

Die Sibelius Violin Competition wird in diesem Jahr nicht stattfinden. Aufgrund der Corona-Pandemie und ihrer Auswirkungen haben sich die Veranstalter entschieden, die für dieses Jahr geplante 12. Wettbewerbsausgabe auf Mai 2022 zu verschieben. Zu dieser Entscheidung trugen neben den gesundheitlichen Maßnahmen und der Reisebeschränkungen auch die ausgebuchten Hallen in der finnischen Hauptstadt Helsinki und die Termine der eingebundenen Orchester bei. Aufgrund der Verschiebung werde die Altersgrenze der Teilnehmer erhöht, sodass kein Nachteil entstehe, so der Vorsitzende der Sibelius-Gesellschaft Lauri Ratia. Die 13. Ausgabe des Wettbewerbs 2025 wird von den Änderungen nicht betroffen sein.

Der Jean Sibelius-Violinwettbewerb findet seit 1965 alle fünf Jahre in Helsinki statt und zählt zu den prestigeträchtigsten Violinwettbewerben weltweit. Die Gründung erfolgte aus Anlass des 100. Geburtstags des finnischen Komponisten. Heute wird der Wettbewerb von der finnischen Sibelius-Gesellschaft und der Sibelius-Akademie organisiert, unterstützend spielen das Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra und das Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra. Der Wettbewerb ist Teil der World Federation of International Music Competitions. Beim letzten Wettbewerb 2015 gewann Christel Lee aus den USA den ersten Preis.

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Sibelius Violin Competition postponed

The Sibelius Violin Competition will not take place this year. Due to the Corona Pandemic and its effects, the organizers have decided to postpone the 12th edition of the competition, which was planned for this year, until May 2022. Contributing factors in this decision, apart from health measures and travel restrictions, were the fully booked halls in the Finnish capital Helsinki and the dates of the orchestras involved. Due to the postponement, the age limit of the participants will be increased, so that there will be no disadvantage, said the chairman of the Sibelius Society Lauri Ratia. The 13th edition of the competition in 2025 will not be affected by the changes.

The Jean Sibelius Violin Competition has been held in Helsinki every five years since 1965 and is one of the most prestigious violin competitions in the world. It was founded on the occasion of the 100th birthday of the Finnish composer. Today the competition is organized by the Finnish Sibelius Society and Sibelius Academy, with the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra as supporters. The competition is part of the World Federation of International Music Competitions. At the last competition in 2015 Christel Lee from the USA won first prize.

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Claude Samuel, figure emblématique de la musique contemporaine française, est mort

C’est avec grande tristesse que nous apprenons la mort de Claude Samuel, disparu ce dimanche matin 14 juin à Paris, à l’âge de 88 ans. Véritable titan du journalisme et de la radio musicale française, Claude Samuel est également une figure emblématique de l’histoire de Radio France en tant que producteur et Directeur de la Musique de Radio France (1989 à 1996). Il était « l’homme de la musique contemporaine » selon Jean-Pierre Derrien, « l’oreille des musiciens » selon le Figaro, mais aussi un « bâtisseur d’institutions » selon le producteur Lionel Esparza. La carrière de Claude Samuel, qui occupe ces sept dernières décennies, est presque impossible à synthétiser. Journaliste de presse quotidienne, hebdomadaire et mensuelle, il prête également sa plume à la presse musicale, notamment aux publications Harmonie, Le Panorama de la Musique, Musiques, La Lettre du musicien, et Diapason.

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Claude Samuel, an emblematic figure of French contemporary music, has died.

It is with great sadness that we learn of the death of Claude Samuel, who passed away this Sunday morning, June 14, in Paris, at the age of 88. A veritable titan of French journalism and music radio, Claude Samuel was also an emblematic figure in the history of Radio France as producer and Director of Music (1989 to 1996). He was “the man of contemporary music” according to Jean-Pierre Derrien, “the ear of musicians” according to Le Figaro, but also a “builder of institutions” according to producer Lionel Esparza. Claude Samuel’s career, which has spanned the last seven decades, is almost impossible to synthesize. A daily, weekly and monthly press journalist, he also lends his pen to the music press, notably to the publications Harmonie, Le Panorama de la Musique, Musiques, La Lettre du musicien, and Diapason.

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Operalia Competition Postponed until 2021

The Operalia competition has postponed its 2020 edition until 2021.

The organization announced that the decision was made due to the ongoing health concerns and global uncertainty generated by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Operalia team said, “We are deeply saddened by this resolution but the safety and well-being of everyone involved in the planning, traveling and overall development of any given Operalia Edition, especially that of our competitors, jurors, and staff are our first and foremost priorities. To our dear audience, our friends and followers, we wish you good health and safety above all, and we hope that you will also return next year. We will communicate any further details just as soon as possible.”

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