7th June: iRadio, Opera Australia Ring & Cairo Performing Arts

Friday 7th June 2013


Apple preparing to launch ad-backed ‘iRadio’ next week

iPhone maker will use iAd service to sell ads on streaming music service that is expected to be announced at WWDC


Conductor Richard Mills quits Opera Australia Ring

Opera Australia has announced that Richard Mills, conductor of its monumental Melbourne Ring Cycle Melbourne Ring Cycle, is withdrawing from the project after weeks of rehearsals, citing a lack of ‘unity of vision’.

Slipped Disc

A call from Cairo to save the performing arts from an Islamist ban

The appeal follows the sacking of the head of the Cairo Opera and subsequent demonstrations by its staff and cast. Artists are now speaking of a jihad (holy war) against the arts.

The week’s most-watched conductor

We thought you’d enjoy some more clips of Yuri Simonov in virtuosic action. We’re not suggesting every maestro should try this, but – if they could – wouldn’t they, just once in a while?

New York Times

That Instrument Known as the Eiffel Tower

Mr. Bertolozzi is in Paris harvesting sounds for a “public art installation”. His mission is to “play the Eiffel Tower”.


Daniel Hope’s Keynote Speech

Daniel Hope’s acclaimed keynote speech about artists re-engaging their audience, the future of classical music and the virtuoso, and how more people must be given the opportunity to access, understand and enjoy classical music.

BBC Music Magazine

Festival asks audience to record birdsong for ‘dawn chorus’ piece

East Neuk Festival invites people to send in clips of birds singing for closing festival

BBC News

Art Everywhere project to create ‘giant art gallery’

Posters of classic artworks will be displayed across the country this summer in a bid to turn the UK into the “world’s largest art gallery”.