Irmina Trynkos and Alexander Walker on BBC Radio 3’s In Tune Today

Thursday 1st November 2012

This afternoon, Irmina Trynkos and Alexander Walker will appear on BBC Radio 3’s In Tune to discuss their upcoming concert at Cadogan Hall on 14th November, and will be joined by pianist Tomasz Lis, a long-time collaborator of Irmina’s.

Violinist Irmina, who founded the Project and discovered the forgotten works of Waghalter, will be performing the composer’s Idyll Op.19b alongside Beethoven’s Violin Sonata Op.30 live, accompanied by Tomasz. Both Alex and herself will also be discussing the success of The Waghalter Project, which has gained much recognition and accomplishment since the CD launch. Having entered the Top 20 Specialist Classical Music Chart at number 16, Ignatz Waghalter’s lost violin repertoire has begun to receive the appreciation it once held in the composer’s lifetime.

Listen to In Tune on BBC Radio 3, at 4:30pm to hear the rich, Romantic works of Ignatz Waghalter.

The Naxos recording of the violin repertoire can be purchased online here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Waghalter-Rhapsodie-Latsabidze-Philharmonic-Orchestra/dp/B00925T9Z6