23rd July: ISM updates UK live performance guidelines; US Music Foundation dismisses son of eponym for racist statements; Pulsations, a classical music festival to revive culture in Bordeaux

Thursday 23rd July 2020

ISM updates UK live performance guidelines

The UK’s Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) has issued new guidance in line with the government’s updated advice on measures to contain the spread of Covid-19.

As the country progresses to stage 4 of the government’s five-stage ‘roadmap’, indoor performances with live audiences will be permitted again from 1 August. The ISM recommends that venues operate at reduced capacity and with clearly marked provisions for people to remain at least one metre apart, particularly in seating areas and spaces used for queuing.
Venues must also be cleaned thoroughly between concerts, with performances scheduled to allow sufficient time for this to be carried out. To facilitate contact tracing in the event of a subsequent Covid-19 positive test result, all audience members should be registered online beforehand.

Special attention is paid to singing and performing on brass and wind instruments. ‘These are considered higher risk activities because of the potential for aerosol production,’ the ISM guidance states, advising that only professional brass and wind performances should be considered appropriate for now.

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US-Musikstiftung entlässt Sohn des Namensgebers wegen rassistischer Äußerungen

Richard Tucker war als Tenor eine Gesangslegende. Seine nach ihm benannte Stiftung, in der auch seine Söhne mitarbeiten, unterstützt seit vielen Jahren junge Gesangstalente. Nun hat sich einer der Söhne mit rassistischen Beleidigungen selbst ins Abseits gestellt.

Die US-amerikanische Richard-Tucker-Stiftung hat sich mit sofortiger Wirkung von David Tucker, Sohn ihres Gründers, Richard Tucker (1913-1975), getrennt. Tucker war Mitglied im Vorstand der Stiftung und hatte aufgrund seiner rassistischen Äußerungen für Proteste und Empörung gesorgt. In einer Erklärung vom Montag, 20. Juli, verurteilte die Stiftung die “verletzenden und beleidigenden Kommentare“, die nicht mit den Überzeugungen und dem Auftrag der Richard-Tucker-Stiftung übereinstimmen würden.

Auch weitere Künstler*innen wie Joyce DiDonato und der schwarze Tenor Lawrence Brownlee, die von der Tucker-Stiftung gefördert wurden, hatten die Absetzung Tuckers gefordert und sich in die öffentliche Diskussion eingemischt.

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Lawrence Brownlee

US Music Foundation dismisses son of eponym for racist statements

Richard Tucker was a singing legend as a tenor. His foundation, named after him, in which his sons are also involved, has supported young singing talents for many years. Now one of the sons has put himself on the sidelines with racist insults.

The US-American Richard Tucker Foundation has separated from David Tucker, son of its founder, Richard Tucker (1913-1975), with immediate effect. Tucker was a member of the foundation’s board of directors and had caused protests and outrage due to his racist statements. In a statement issued on Monday, July 20, the Foundation condemned the “hurtful and insulting comments” which would not be consistent with the convictions and mission of the Richard Tucker Foundation.

Other artists such as Joyce DiDonato and the black tenor Lawrence Brownlee, who were supported by the Tucker Foundation, had also called for Tucker’s dismissal and intervened in the public debate.

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Pulsations, un festival de musique classique pour relancer la culture à Bordeaux

Un festival inattendu alors que la crise sanitaire du coronavirus n’est pas totalement refermée. Pulsations se tient du 23 au 31 juillet à Bordeaux.

Le festival organisé par Pygmalion, un ensemble de chœur et d’orchestre en résidence à Bordeaux depuis six ans, est né de la crise du coronavirus. Monté en à peine quelques semaines, il a pour objectif de faire redémarrer la vie culturelle à Bordeaux.

Le festival répond aussi à une urgence sociale et cherche à préserver les artistes.  “Se mobiliser, c’est une question de survie. Le monde de la culture traverse une période difficile qui va durer”, raconte Raphaël Pichon, chef d’orchestre et fondateur de Pygmalion. “La prochaine saison est fortement sinistrée, les conditions de reprise ne sont pas encore complètement claires et les conséquences financières sont multiples… Nous devons redémarrer et remonter sur scène dès cet été !”.

Engager des musiciens, les rémunérer, leur donner de l’activité mais aussi leur permettre de remonter sur scène, c’est la raison d’être de ce festival.

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Pulsations, a classical music festival to revive culture in Bordeaux

An unexpected festival at a time when the coronavirus health crisis is not totally over. Pulsations takes place from July 23rd to 31st in Bordeaux.

The festival organised by Pygmalion, a choral and orchestral ensemble in residence in Bordeaux for the past six years, was born out of the coronavirus crisis. Set up in just a few weeks, its aim is to restart cultural life in Bordeaux.

The festival also responds to a social emergency and seeks to preserve the artists.  “Mobilising is a question of survival. The world of culture is going through a difficult period that will last,” says Raphaël Pichon, conductor and founder of Pygmalion. “The next season is going to be very hard hit, the conditions for recovery are not yet completely clear and the financial consequences are many and varied… We have to get back on the road and get back on stage this summer!”.

Hiring musicians, paying them, giving them activity but also allowing them to get back on stage, that’s what this festival is all about.

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