6th February: JACK quartet receives fellowship for neuroscience and music research, BSO resound celebrates first anniversary with new partnership and GEMA composer awards announced

Wednesday 6th February 2019

JACK quartet receives Fellowship to explore music and neuroscience

The JACK Quartet has received a Creative Fellowship from the University of Washington for its latest research project focusing on the link between neurology and music-making. The New York-based ensemble is using portable EEG and wearable muscle neurone sensors to map their brain waves while playing.

Their aim is help develop technology that allows those who have lost the ability to make music with one part of the brain to train themselves to make music using other parts and processes of their brain.

The technology in question is the encephalophone, an instrument you can play simply by thinking, and which builds on brain-computer interfaces, developed since the ’70’s,  that allow people to move screen cursors or robot arms with brain signals alone. It could be used as a therapeutic tool for people who have suffered from strokes or neurological problems, and can’t use their limbs to make music anymore.

During this extended residency, the JACK is collaborating with composers Juan Pampin and Richard Karpen, along with several neuroscientists and a team of research staff from DXARTS, a University of Washington program that incubates collaborations between scientists and artists.

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BSO Resound celebrates first anniversary with new corporate partnership

BSO Resound, the world’s first disabled-led ensemble, is celebrating its first anniversary. Allianz Musical Insurance will become its supporting partner.

Conductor James Rose said called the partnership a ‘perfect fit’, given Allianz Musical Insurance’s ‘passion for inclusion initiatives, and BSO Resound’s ambition to use music to challenge attitudes and perceptions about disability.’

Clarice Goff from Allianz Musical Insurance said: ‘We are so excited to be working with the BSO and BSO Resound in 2019. The news that James [Rose] has achieved a distinction for his conducting from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music following his 18-month programme with the BSO reinforces the power of self-belief when combined with equality of opportunity.

‘Allianz Musical Insurance is proud to support this trail-blazing ensemble with its high artistic ideals and mission to champion inclusivity and opportunity for everyone.’

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Deutscher Musikautorenpreis 2019: Elif Demirezer und Mark Barden erhalten Nachwuchspreis

Mit dem Deutschen Musikautorenpreis ehrt die GEMA Komponisten und Textdichter für ihr herausragendes musikalisches Schaffen. Von besonderer Bedeutung ist der Nachwuchspreis, der mit jeweils 10.000 Euro talentierte Musikautoren der Sparte Ernste Musik (E) und Unterhaltungsmusik (U) fördert. „Dotierte Auszeichnungen sind eine unerlässliche Investition in die Zukunft. Dadurch können Musikschaffende motiviert, konzentriert und jenseits von kommerziellen Zwängen arbeiten. Wir schätzen es, in einer Gesellschaft zu leben, die Kunst zu würdigen weiß“, kommentieren die diesjährigen Preisträger Elif Demirezer und Mark Barden die Auszeichnung.

Mark Barden erhält den Nachwuchspreis in der Sparte E: „Es gibt heutzutage so viele hervorra-gende Komponistinnen und Komponisten, die diesen Preis verdient hätten. Eine solche Anerkennung von meinen etablierteren Kollegen ist mir daher eine große Ehre – aber auch eine Verpflichtung, mich künstlerisch weiterzuentwickeln, Neues zu schaffen, Risiken einzugehen“, freut sich der Preisträger.

The German Association of composers and musicians, GEMA, has awarded this years prize for Composers and Music authors. The prestigious awards for young composers is split into two categories. The one for popular music was awarded to Elif Demirezer, while the award for classical music was handed to Mark Barden.

Barden had this to say on his award: “There are so many outstanding composers today who deserve this award. Such recognition from my more established colleagues is therefore a great honor to me – but also an obligation to develop myself artistically, to create new things, to take risks.“

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