13th November: Sir John Tavener dies, changes at Schott music publishers & first music teacher of the year awards

Wednesday 13th November 2013

BBC News

Elephant orchestra: Can animals make real music?

According to its creators, this elephant ensemble in Thailand demonstrates that animals can make real music.


Sir John Tavener dies age 69

Tributes paid to the composer who pioneered ‘new’ classical music.

New York Times

Where have all the sopranos gone?

Some scholars say that in Bach’s day boy’s voices didn’t change until age 17. The ever earlier onset of puberty is changing the face of boy’s choirs.


Moves at the top of music publishers Schott

Sally Groves, the long-standing and greatly respected Creative Director of Schott, the music publisher, will retire next year and will be replaced by Sam Rigby.

Classic FM Online

First Music Teacher of the year award winners announced

The first winners of the Music Teacher of the Year Awards have been announced at the Music For Youth Schools Prom at the Royal Albert Hall.

Pianist on trial for noise pollution and psychological damage

A Spanish concert pianist is currently on trial after her neighbour accused her practicing regime of causing noise pollution and psychological damage.

BBC Music Magazine

Aberdeen lecturer seeks people to hum a tune

A lecturer at the University of Aberdeen is asking 500 people in the city to hum a tune which brings back a childhood memory. The project, ‘Aberdeen Humming’, is being run by Dr Suk-Jun Kim, a lecturer in electroacoustic music and sound art.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Ein offener Brief von hundertsechzig Dirigenten

„Künstlerisch unsinnig, ökonomisch mindestens fragwürdig, ein kulturpolitischer Offenbarungseid“: In einem offenen Brief an den SWR-Intendanten protestieren 160 Dirigenten gegen die Fusion der Orchester.

Classic FM Online

Classic FM Online