14th October: LGBT rights protesters at Carnegie Hall, soaring violin prices and Gramophone sold

Monday 14th October 2013

New York Times

Gay Rights Protests Follow Gergiev to Carnegie Hall

Gay rights advocates protested against a performance of the Mariinsky Orchestra led by Valery Gergiev outside Carnegie Hall on Thursday night. There was heckling inside the concert hall until the protesters were removed from the auditorium.


Soaring violin prices force professionals to borrow

Jason Price, of auction house Tarisio, told The Daily Telegraph that prices had gone up so much – by an average of almost 12 per cent a year – that it was becoming prohibitive for a professional to buy a top of the range instrument given that many of the best ones are so valuable. Professional violinists are having to borrow their instruments from collectors. 

Features Exec

Mark Allen Group acquires Gramophone

Gramophone is to be acquired by the Mark Allen Group, a family-owned independent company with 50 magazines and journals in different markets. Subject to contract and completion of staff consultation, it is hoped that completion will take place by the end of October or early November 2013.

China Digital Times

Corruption at China’s Top Classical Academies

Allegation of corrupt admissions and hiring practices at China’s top conservatoires, including Beijing’s Central Conservatory of Music. “This is an environment that breeds sexual favors and bribery,” says Lao Kaisheng, head of the School of Education at Capital Normal University.

San Jose Mercury News

Police investigate theft of $500,000 from Los Altos-based Peninsula Symphony

Police have launched an investigation into the apparent theft of $500,000 from the Los Altos-based Peninsula Symphony of Northern California.


Naxos to launch free Christmas advert app

Naxos has announced an advent calender app, with 25 complete tracks revealed behind numbered doors. Each day, a new door can be ‘unlocked’ to reveal a piece of seasonal music from Naxos’s classical music catalogue.

BBC Music Magazine

The British Academy explores the link between autobiography and music

Which discs would you take to your metaphorical island and why? That’s the question the British Academy is looking into in a day of events this November. Musicians including cellist Steven Isserlis will relive their experiences as castaways on Radio 4’s famous desert island disks.

Classic FM Online

Zimmer on Batman vs. Superman score: “It’s creating a problem in my head”

Hans Zimmer has admitted that the prospect of composing the score for the new Batman vs. Superman movie for director Zack Snyder has been giving him problems.

Die Zeit

Mitten durch die Eingeweide

Bernd Alois Zimmermanns “Soldaten” erzählen von gefallenen Mädchen und der Brutalität des Krieges. Gleich drei Opernhäuser spielen die 1965 uraufgeführte Oper in dieser Saison: Was macht sie so attraktiv?

The Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph