6th April: LPO appoints Canellakis as principal guest conductor,Prague Spring on the Internet only, the new season of the Théâtre du Capitole in Toulouse

Monday 6th April 2020

LPO appoints Karina Canellakis as principal guest conductor

The London Philharmonic Orchestra (LPO) has appointed the American conductor Karina Canellakis as its principal guest conductor from September.

Canellakis, 38, began her career as a violinist, performing as soloist, chamber and orchestral musician. She played for two years with the Berlin Philharmonic as a member of its Academy Orchestra, then spent several years with the Chicago Symphony. She has also appeared as a guest leader of orchestras including the Bergen Philharmonic. She began conducting professionally in 2013 and made her European debut in 2015.
Canellakis burst on to the British orchestral scene last summer when she conducted the BBC Symphony Orchestra for the opening night of the Proms. But her relationship with the London Philharmonic Orchestra began the previous autumn when she made her debut with them at the Royal Festival Hall. The spark was immediate, she says.

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Prager Frühling findet nur im Internet statt

Das tschechische Festival “Prager Frühling” wird in diesem Jahr nicht wie gewohnt stattfinden. Anstatt die zugehörigen Veranstaltungen aufgrund des sich verbreitenden Corona-Virus wie viele andere Festspiele abzusagen, wollen die Organisatoren den Prager Frühling ins Internet verlegen. Im Mai sollen zehn Konzerte online als Stream zugänglich sein, ausgewählte Aufnahmen sollen auch im tschechischen Fernsehen und Radio gezeigt werden. Bei den kostenlosen Aufführungen wird es sich um Werke ohne große Orchester handeln, da die Versammlung vieler Menschen an einem Ort  nicht gestattet ist.

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Prague Spring takes place on the Internet only

The Czech festival “Prague Spring” will not take place as usual this year. Instead of cancelling the related events due to the spreading corona virus, as many other festivals do, the organizers want to put Prague Spring on the Internet. In May, ten concerts will be available online as streams, and selected recordings will also be shown on Czech television and radio. The free performances will be of works without large orchestras, as it is not permitted to gather many people in one place.

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A quoi va ressembler la nouvelle saison du Théâtre du Capitole de Toulouse ?

Malgré le contexte difficile, la direction du Théâtre du Capitole de Toulouse a révélé début mars sa programmation pour 2020/2021. Une saison qui fera la part belle aux titres du répertoire lyrique mais également aux découvertes et aux nouvelles créations, notamment pour le Ballet du Capitole. Pour sa 3e saison en tant que directeur artistique du Théâtre du Capitole de Toulouse, qui regroupe l’Orchestre national du Capitole (dirigé par Tugan Sokhiev), le Choeur et la Maîtrise du Capitole (dirigés par Alfonso Caiani) et le Ballet du Capitole (dirigé par Kader Belardi), Christophe Ghristi propose une programmation ambitieuse qu’il souhaite, selon ces mots : « imprégnée de beauté, d’émotion et d’esprit. Plus que jamais, nous croyons en l’effet magique des chefs-d’œuvre sur nous ».

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What will the new season of the Théâtre du Capitole in Toulouse look like?

Despite the difficult context, the management of the Théâtre du Capitole de Toulouse revealed its programme for 2020/2021 at the beginning of March. A season that will give pride of place to titles from the operatic repertoire, but also to discoveries and new creations, notably for the Ballet du Capitole. For his third season as Artistic Director of the Théâtre du Capitole de Toulouse, which brings together the Orchestre national du Capitole (directed by Tugan Sokhiev), the Choir and the Maîtrise du Capitole (directed by Alfonso Caiani) and the Ballet du Capitole (directed by Kader Belardi), Christophe Ghristi proposes an ambitious programme that he hopes will be, in these words: “imbued with beauty, emotion and spirit. More than ever, we believe in the magical effect of masterpieces on us”.

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