March 1: Singing Goat Sensation, Steve Reich on Schoenberg and Sharing Music with Deaf Children

Friday 1st March 2013

Classic FM

‘Goat edition’ meme hits classical music and Mozart

An internet meme (previously targeting One Direction, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and more) where music videos of pop songs are interspersed with clips of goats screaming has found its latest victim – Mozart’s ‘Queen Of The Night’ aria


Two Cents About Classical Music For $100

The Grammys put classical music in a ghetto of its own, an afterthought following folk, reggae, and spoken word.

The Guardian

Steve Reich on Schoenberg, Coltrane and Radiohead

Steve Reich went from running a removal business with Philip Glass to revolutionising 20th-century classical music. He talks about rock’n’roll, minimalism – and how Radiohead have inspired him

The Guardian

If Michael Tippett were alive, he would still be challenging us today

When an American conductor spent time with the great British composer, he understood that behind his music lay a curiosity – and a fervent desire to correct the crooked timbre of humanity


Creating music accessible for deaf children

The National Orchestra of Wales has staged a series of workshops and concerts for deaf people, many of them children, to explore how it is possible to experience music without being able to hear it fully

The Guardian

Antonín Kohout obituary

Cellist of the Smetana Quartet for more than four decades

Obituary: Van Cliburn, pianist