20th March: Cheese tastes better with Mozart, Blackheath Conservatoire presents outreach programme and Heidelberger Frühling theme announced

Wednesday 20th March 2019

Scientists are playing classical music to cheese to make it taste better

Playing music to cheese gives it a stronger flavour, a team of scientists and cheese experts has found.

Cheese is mostly about the perfect marriage of milk and bacteria – but it turns out playing the right music can also help create a delicious final product.

Swiss cheesemaker Beat Wampfler and a team of researchers from the Bern University of Arts played music by Mozart and Led Zeppelin to nine wheels of Emmental cheese.

For the next six months, 24 hours a day, the cheeses were exposed to various pieces of music. One cheese ‘listened’ to music from Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute, a second heard A Tribe Called Quest’s hip-hop album ‘We Got it From Here’, while a third listened to Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’.

“My favourite cheese was that of Mozart. I like Mozart but it’s not necessarily what I listen to… maybe a sweet little classical music does good to the cheese,” chef Benjamin Luzuy told Agence-France Presse.

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Blackheath Conservatoire presents biggest outreach programme to date

Blackheath Conservatoire has announced further developments to support the accessibility of creative arts across London.

Supported by a £40,000 donation from the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation, the Conservatoire presents its most extensive outreach programme to date in a series of five projects running over two years, engaging over 6000 people in the arts regardless of personal challenge, social circumstances or previous experience.

Blackheath Conservatoire has partnered with Tate Exchange and Thomas Tallis School to work with 120 children, including deaf and autistic children, from 18 local schools in the Greenwich Community Schools Partnership, with work created by the students being showcased in a workshop on 19 – 20 March 2019.

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„Heidelberger Frühling“ 2019 unter dem Leitgedanken „Wie wollen wir leben?“ gestartet

„Wie wollen wir leben?“ lautet 2019 der Leitgedanke des „Heidelberger Frühling“. In der 23. Saison des internationalen Musikfestivals stehen seit dem 16. März und noch bis zum 14. April erneut über 100 Veranstaltungen in 14 Spielstätten auf dem Programm. Der Leitgedanke setzt die 2017 mit „In der Fremde“ begonnene und 2018 mit „Eigen-Arten“ fortgesetzte Trilogie zu Kernmotiven der Aufklärung fort. Die Frage nach der Zukunft steht im Mittelpunkt und wie ein jeder diese für sich und in Gemeinschaft gestalten kann. Es geht dem Festival nicht darum, Antworten zu geben, sondern Fragen zu stellen und einen Diskurs anzustoßen. Über Kunst anregen, Zukunft aktiv zu gestalten – das ist der öffentliche Auftrag, dem sich der „Heidelberger Frühling“ verschrieben hat.

“How do we want to live?” is the guiding principle of the “Heidelberg Spring” Festival in 2019. In the 23rd season of the international music festival, over 100 events will take place in 14 venues from 16 March until 14 April. The guiding principle completes the trilogy on core motifs of the Enlightenment, which began in 2017 with “In the Foreign Land” and continued in 2018 with “Eigen-Arten”. The question of the future is in the center of attention and how everyone can shape it for themselves and their community. The festival is not about giving answers, but asking questions and initiating a discourse. Encouraging about art and shaping the future actively – this is the public mission to which the “Heidelberger Frühling” is committed.

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