6th August: Telegraph praises Munich Opera Festival, BBC Music uncovers forgotten piano pieces & Gimeno talks about time with Abbado

Wednesday 6th August 2014

Classical News

The Guardian

Symphony guide: Beethoven’s Third (‘Eroica’)

The story of the dedication of Beethoven’s Third is the stuff of symphonic legend. Whatever the truth, the victory at the end of the piece doesn’t just stand for Napoleon, or Beethoven, but for the possibilities of the symphony itself.

The Telegraph

Munich Opera Festival über alles

Whilst other European festivals may not have made this year’s grade, Rupert Christiansen explains why Munich’s is an experience worth repeating.


Interview with Gustavo Gimeno

The Spanish conductor talks about his experience as the late Claudio Abbado’s assistant.

Neglected piano scores

The BBC Music team uncover forgotten piano pieces

Classic FM

Clouds play piano in new composition

What do clouds sound like? Artist-composer David Bowen attempts to answer this question in his eerie new piece, Cloud Piano, which translates the clouds into played music.

Farmer serenades cows with trombone playing

A farmer who filmed himself serenading his cows by playing his trombone to attract them towards him has become a viral sensation.

Deutschlandradio Kultur

“Neu für klassische Musik interessieren!”

“Mein Ziel ist es, die Menschen neu für klassische Musik zu interessieren!” – hat sich Markus Fein, der Intendant der Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern vorgenommen.

Tiroler Tageszeitung

Ukraine will kremltreuen Kulturschaffenden die Einreise verbieten

Die Ukraine will gegen etwa 500 russische Künstler und Kulturschaffende wegen ihrer kremltreuen Position Einreiseverbote verhängen.

The Japan Times

Saito Kinen Festival to be renamed after maestro Ozawa

Conductor Seiji Ozawa said Monday that Saito Kinen Festival Matsumoto, a musical event in which he serves as general director, will be renamed Seiji Ozawa Matsumoto Festival in 2015.

The Baltimore Sun

Amid all the fretting about classical music’s future, some worries about its past

Day after day, someone somewhere discusses the state of classical music, typically with a degree of concern about its long-term survivability. This has been going on for ages, of course, but it has generated something of a cottage industry in recent years.


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Sam Jackson: .@classicfm has joined forces with the brilliant @NYOGB to offer you the chance to see them in concert – for free: http://www.classicfm.com/concerts-events/nyo-free-concert-information/ …

Royal Opera House: ICYMI – @telegraph are streaming class with @mariinskyen this morning! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/theatre/dance/11011335/WATCH-the-Mariinsky-Ballet-in-class.html … #Mariinsky

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Wismar, Heiligen-Geist-Kirche: Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. (Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern gGmbH)

Wismar, Heiligen-Geist-Kirche: Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Deutschlandradio Kultur.