21st February: Music industry worth £3.5bn to UK economy & Classic FM & New York Daily News tell us why classical music alive & thriving

Friday 21st February 2014

Classical Music Magazine

Music industry worth £3.5bn to the UK economy, says report

The music industry is worth £3.5bn a year to the UK economy, according to a new report from UK Music, an organisation which lobbies on behalf of live music.

Classic FM

13 reasons classical music is not dead

Classic FM: “With all the recent talk in the press of classical music being dead, we thought of 13 very good reasons why it’s actually not. At all. So there.”

Set in a background of ice and snow, the classical-pop duo play a white piano and cello to perform their new Baroque Disney single.

New York Daily News

Classical music explodes, both in sales and in expanding boundaries

As crossover classical-pop performers like Andrea Bocelli and Lindsey Stirling sell tons of records, established pop, rock and roots musicians like Rufus Wainwright, Jonny Greenwood and Chris Thile tackle classical forms


Now you can down and up-load John Cage’s ‘silent piece’ on your phone

Various recordings of John Cage’s 4’33” are now available as an app.

Trib Live (Pennsylvania)

All-classical music station WQED reduces its staff

Pittsburgh’s only all-classical music station WQED-FM announced two staff cuts and reduced air time for local radio hosts as its parent company, WQED Multimedia, tries to rebound from years of inconsistent funding.

Klassik Akzente

Weltfilmpremiere – Recomposed by Max Richter: Vivaldi, The Four Seasons, Live in Berlin

Die Musik von Vivaldis Vier Jahreszeiten, die von Max Richter neu interpretiert wird, kann nun auch visuell bestaunt werden.

The Piano Guys

The Piano Guys