6th August: The new normal for classical music; Plácido Domingo comments allegations; Bernard Stiegler dies; PAMAC and the impact of COVID-19 on music

Friday 7th August 2020

Doorstep recitals and bespoke gigs: how classical music is adapting to the new normal

With live shows yet to return, British performers are offering an on-demand jukebox, culture clinics and even a ‘coronasolfège’ to keep the industry going

Chris North, a keen concertgoer, was only a few minutes away when he heard the news. “I got off the motorbike at the Barbican, ready to walk up to LSO St Luke’s – then a phone message said [Boris] Johnson had cancelled everything.”

It was lunchtime on 31 July, fewer than 24 hours before the UK government’s planned move into stage four of its “roadmap” for the safe return of the performing arts in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. That move would allow indoor performances (with a socially distanced audience) for the first time since March.

Just that morning, two major classical venues – Wigmore Hall in London and Snape Maltings in Suffolk – had unveiled series of ticketed live events, their starry lineups assembled at unprecedentedly short notice after the government’s announcement a fortnight earlier of its plan to enter stage four.

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 Elliot Galvin takes part in a socially distanced ‘culture clinic’ at Kings Place in London on 1 August. Photograph: Jonathan Brady/PA

Plácido Domingo äußert sich zu Missbrauchsvorwürfen

Der Opernsänger Plácido Domingo will nach eigenen Worten künftig deutlicher als bisher gegen Anschuldigungen des sexuellen Fehlverhaltens vorgehen. Der spanisch-mexikanische Opernstar sagte der italienischen Zeitung „La Repubblica” (Donnerstag), durch seine Corona-Erkrankung sei seine Haltung zu den Vorwürfen heute anders. „Ich habe mich verändert, ich habe keine Angst mehr”, erläuterte der 79-Jährige. „Als ich von meiner Covid-Erkrankung erfuhr, habe ich mir versprochen, dass ich, wenn ich lebend herauskommen würde, kämpfen werde, um meinen Namen reinzuwaschen – ich habe nie jemanden missbraucht, ich werde es wiederholen, solange ich lebe.

”Domingo warf in dem Gespräch Medien vor, sie hätten Äußerungen von ihm falsch gedeutet. Er habe lange geschwiegen, um zwei gegen ihn laufende Untersuchungen „mit Respekt” zu begleiten. Eine Erklärung von ihm, mit der er ein „Missverständnis” aufklären wollte, sei zu spät gekommen, und „meine Worte fielen ins Leere”.

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Plácido Domingo comments on allegations of abuse

Opera singer Plácido Domingo, in his own words, wants to take clearer action in future against accusations of sexual misconduct. The Spanish-Mexican opera star told the Italian newspaper “La Repubblica” (Thursday) that due to his corona disease his attitude to the accusations is different today. “I have changed, I am no longer afraid,” explained the 79-year-old. “When I learned of my Covid disease, I promised myself that if I came out alive, I would fight to clear my name – I have never abused anyone, I will repeat it as long as I live”

Domingo accused the media of misinterpreting what he had said. He had kept quiet for a long time in order to “respectfully” accompany two ongoing investigations against him. A statement by him, with which he wanted to clear up a “misunderstanding” had come too late, and “my words fell into the void”.

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Bernard Stiegler, penseur des mutations contemporaines, est mort à 68 ans

Directeur de l’Institut de recherche et d’innovation et président de l’association Ars Industrialis, il avait découvert la philosophie lors d’un séjour en prison.

Le Collège international de philosophie a annoncé jeudi 6 août le décès de Bernard Stiegler, à l’âge de 68 ans. Directeur de l’Institut de recherche et d’innovation (IRI), créé en 2005 au Centre Pompidou pour imaginer les mutations des pratiques culturelles entraînées par les technologies numériques, le philosophe avait axé sa réflexion sur le numérique et ses conséquences sociales.

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Bernard Stiegler, thinker of contemporary change, died at 68 years of age…

Director of the Institute for Research and Innovation and President of the Ars Industrialis association, he had discovered philosophy during a stay in prison.

The International College of Philosophy announced on Thursday 6 August the death of Bernard Stiegler, at the age of 68. Director of the Institute for Research and Innovation (IRI), created in 2005 at the Centre Pompidou to imagine the changes in cultural practices brought about by digital technologies, the philosopher had focused his thinking on digital technology and its social consequences.

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PAMAC Brings Together Leading Musicians of Kentucky with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s Senior Staff to Discuss Impact of COVID-19 on Music Industry

August 6, 2020 (Louisville, KY) – Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s Chief of Staff and Legal Counsel met in a conference call on Tuesday, August 4th with prominent musicians of Kentucky and industry executives to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the U.S. Music Industry. 

The call with the Senator’s Senior Staff was coordinated by the Performing Arts Managers and Agents Coalition (PAMAC) and took place with Conductor and Music Director of the Louisville Orchestra Teddy AbramsJim James of My Morning Jacket, Andrew McInnes of TMWRK Management representing country singer Sturgill Simpson and NIVA Kentucky Leader Billy Hardison of Louisville-based club Headliners Music Hall – all constituents of Senator McConnell’s home state of Kentucky – plus PAMAC Founder Charlotte Lee, PAMAC Co-leader Cindy Liu, PAMAC Member and Senior Executive Agent Jonathan Levine of Paradigm Agency, and NITO members Eric Mayers and Jason Colton of Red Light Management.

Conductor Teddy Abrams, who led the conversation, commented: “The very soul of America is our culture – it defines the way we see ourselves and the way the world sees our country. This era of challenges and tragedies is a call for our nation’s creative artists and organizations to do the work that they can uniquely do: To heal, to inspire, to erase barriers and to lead. On Tuesday, several colleagues from across the spectrum of the cultural community came together to speak with Senator Mitch McConnell’s team about how America’s artists and cultural institutions need critical and immediate support from our federal government. We are not asking for funding to wait for the world to return to “normal.” We are asking to be a part of the rebuilding and growth of the nation we care about so deeply. We are asking our elected representatives to ensure that America does not lose its soul, and we are requesting this legislative support so that artists and arts organizations – who are already so beautifully predisposed to serve their communities – can provide our nation with the solace and communion that every American deserves at this time.”

U.S. Capital building in Washington D.C. U.S.A.

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