23rd August: Researchers suggest that elite violinists don’t necessarily…, Prison sentence for concert agency director?, Spotify extends its free trial period from one to three months

Friday 23rd August 2019

Researchers suggest that elite violinists don’t necessarily practice more than others to reach their standard

A new study of student violinists published yesterday in the Royal Society Open Science journal has called into question the conclusions of earlier research which gave rise to the ‘10,000 hour rule’. Popularised by Malcolm Gladwell’s 2008 book Outliers: The Story of Success, the 10,000 hour rule suggests that successful people in fields which require expert performance, e.g. sport and music, practice intensely and methodically for at least ten years – or 10,000 hours – and that level of commitment is what separates the wheat from the chaff rather than some notion of talent.

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Gefängnisstrafe für Konzertagentur-Direktor?

Christopher Hoare, der ehemalige Kommunikationsdirektor und IT-Chef der britischen Künstleragentur HarrisonParrott, hat sich vor Gericht des Betrugs für schuldig bekannt. Demnach hat Hoare seit 2010 rund 362.000 Pfund (etwa 396.000 Euro) der Firma für private Zwecke unterschlagen. Er habe für die Agentur technische Geräte gekauft und diese danach über eine Internet-Verkaufsplattform angeboten, den Gewinn behielt er. Als Grund gab er vor Gericht private finanzielle Probleme an. Nun steht dem 50-Jährigen eine Gefängnisstrafe bevor.

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Prison sentence for concert agency director?

Christopher Hoare, the former communications director and IT director of the British artist agency HarrisonParrott, has pleaded guilty to fraud in court. According to the court, since 2010 Hoare has embezzled around 362,000 pounds (around 396,000 euros) from the company for private purposes. He had bought technical equipment for the agency and then offered it via an Internet sales platform, and he retained the profit. He gave private financial problems as a reason in court. Now the 50-year-old is facing a prison sentence.

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Spotify allonge sa période d’essai gratuite d’un à trois mois

Spotify allonge la période d’essai gratuite pour ses nouveaux abonnés. Ils bénéficieront désormais de trois mois sans rien avoir à débourser. Jusqu’à présent, seuls 30 jours étaient offerts par le service de streaming suédois. À titre de comparaison, Deezer propose un mois d’essai gratuit, tandis que depuis son lancement en 2015, Apple Music offre trois mois à ses nouveaux clients. Spotify s’aligne donc sur le standard choisi par Apple, et qui devrait également être la règle au lancement de son futur service de SVOD Apple TV+. Pour autant, Apple semble avoir envisagé en juillet dernier de faire le chemin inverse, en réduisant la période d’essai d’Apple Music de trois à un mois, comme le rapportait iGeneration.

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Spotify extends its free trial period from one to three months

Spotify is extending the free trial period for new subscribers. They will now benefit from three months without having to pay anything. Until now, only 30 days have been offered by the Swedish streaming service. For comparison, Deezer offers one month of free trial, while since its launch in 2015, Apple Music has offered three months to its new customers. Spotify is therefore aligned with the standard chosen by Apple, which should also be the rule when launching its future Apple TV+ SVOD service. Nevertheless, Apple seems to have considered last July to do the opposite, by reducing Apple Music’s trial period from three to one month, as reported by iGeneration.

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