5th September: Soundfestival finale threatened by Brexit say organisers, Three emerging composers selected for ricordilab, The Orchestre de Paris reopens its doors

Thursday 5th September 2019

Soundfestival finale threatened by Brexit, say organisers

The organisers of Scotland’s soundfestival have stated that the festival’s finale weekend is under threat, following a Government debate on artist visas post Brexit. During the debate, Home Office minister Seema Kennedy MP stated that ‘on 31 October freedom of movement as we know it will cease’, implying that artists from the European Economic Area (EEA) will need visas to enter and perform in the UK. The programme for the closing weekend of the festival includes performances by groups from France and the Netherlands, with the majority of the musicians due to arrive in Scotland on 1 November. This programme, according to the festival, is now being ‘thrown into doubt’.

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Three emerging composers selected for ricordilab

The selection phase of ricordilab has come to a close. Ricordi Berlin and its advisory board would like to thank all the composers for their participation. We were very impressed by the number of applications from all over the world and by the artistic quality and the craftsmanship of the submitted works.

The laureates of ricordilab 2019-2022 are: Yair KlartagDonghoon Shin and Lisa Streich.

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La rentrée de l’Orchestre de Paris

Karina Canellakis a dirigé hier soir le concert d’ouverture de saison de l’Orchestre de Paris dans un programme Wagner, Ravel et Bartok. Guillaume Tion était à La Philharmonie. Alors que le directeur musical de l’Orchestre de Paris a souhaité quitter la tête de l’Orchestre de Paris, les musiciens sont à la recherche d’un nouveau chef. C’est dans cette ambiance particulière que l’Orchestre a fait sa rentrée hier soir à La Philharmonie de Paris. Durant cette nouvelle saison, plusieurs chefs se succéderont : François-Xavier Roth, Tugan Sokhiev, Pablo Heras Casado, Lahav Shani ou encore Karina Canellakis. C’est justement la chef américaine qui était à la tête de l’Orchestre de Paris hier pour son premier concert de la saison.

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The Orchestre de Paris reopens its doors

Karina Canellakis conducted the Orchestre de Paris‘ season opening concert last night in a Wagner, Ravel and Bartok programme. Guillaume Tion was at the Philharmonic. While the Music Director of the Orchestre de Paris has decided to leave the direction of the Orchestre de Paris, the musicians are looking for a new conductor. It is in this particular atmosphere that the Orchestra made its comeback last night at the Philharmonie de Paris. During this new season, several chefs will succeed each other: François-Xavier Roth, Tugan Sokhiev, Pablo Heras Casado, Lahav Shani or Karina Canellakis. It is precisely the American conductor who was at the head of the Orchestre de Paris yesterday for her first concert of the season.

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