Bringing classical music to the general public: how WildKat has got it right

Friday 13th June '14

It would seem that state-funded arts organisations are having a bit of a rough time at the moment. Subsequent to Harriet Harman's discontent at the lack of inclusion by state-funded organisations, Andrew Mellor of the …

WildKat PR is #94 on the Social Media UK LeaderBoard

Tuesday 11th February '14

We are pleased to announce that WildKat PR has been leaderboarded! WildKat PR ranked #94 on the Social Media Agency UK LeaderBoard, administered by Marketme, an online social media consultancy community. The leaders are determined …

Max Richter’s Recomposed ‘The Four Seasons’ Live at the Apple Store Tonight!

Tuesday 30th October '12

Tonight, Max Richter’s Recomposed Vivaldi: The Four Seasons, will be performed at Apple’s Regent Street store, as the Classical Takeover hijacks one final destination.Max Richter himself will be performing at the free gig, alongside violinist Daniel …