4th December: Minnesota Orchestra loss of $650,000, making music together promotes integration, Karajan: a new film

Thursday 4th December '14

Classical News The Guardian Was Kyung Wha Chung right to upbraid a coughing child disturbing her recital? A violinist has suggested to a child’s parents they ‘bring her back when she’s older’. Fair enough? Karajan: a new film – …

Millfield School Music Student to perform at Cadogan Hall

Thursday 13th December '12

WildKat is excited to announce that one of its clients, the renowned independent school Millfield, will be providing a unique showcase of its musical talent in a rare performance at London’s Cadogan Hall on Saturday …

Classical Music News- 17th October

Monday 17th October '11

Every day the WildKat team scan the newspapers and blogs online to bring you a digested list of the day’s classical music.The New York TimesDrawing inspiration from RilkeThe conductor-less Orpheus Chamber Orchestra has long demonstrated …