4th July: Music students score better in certain academic disciplines, Best alternative ways to experience classical music, Barbara Frey becomes new director

Thursday 4th July '19

Music students score better in certain academic disciplines than non-musical peersAn American study, involving more than 112,000 student records, shows that music education improves performance in maths, science and English. The study, published by the American …

Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival Programme Revealed and On Sale!

Thursday 7th May '15

We recently announced that Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival joined WildKat PR as a client and today we are pleased to reveal that the programme for the 2015 Season has been released and early-bird …

28th March: Ten greatest opera stars, thoughts on Spotify & Brooklyn Rider’s Kickstarter campaign

Friday 28th March '14

The Times10 great opera starsNine singers, one conductor — these are the people you need to know before the International Opera Awards next monthGramophoneSpotify: threat or friend?Martin Cullingford reflects on the changing nature of how …

Upbeat with GéNIA

Thursday 14th October '10

The WildKat team had a quick question and answer interview with GéNIA when she came in to discuss her latest release on the Nonclassical label. She is performing the music of Max de Wardener at King's …

Interview with GéNIA

Wednesday 29th September '10

Earlier this week, the WildKat PR team interviewed GéNIA to find out more about her latest album release, 'Piano Book No.1' featuring piano pieces by Gabriel Prokofiev on the nonclassical label. She also talks about her …