29th January: Another stolen Stradivarius, Man dressed as Mozart for Super Bowl media, and string quartet pecking order revealed

Wednesday 29th January '14

BBC NewsHidden hierarchy in string quartets revealedScientists have come up with a way to reveal the pecking order within a string quartetMilwaukee Journal Sentinel'Priceless' Stradivarius violin stolen in armed robbery in MilwaukeeA 300-year-old Stradivarius violin …

15th Mar: Royal Opera House, Gloriana and Solti

Thursday 15th March '12

Arts Journal: Slipped DiscWatch Out You Slackers, Solti's Back.There are two Solti bio-documentaries in the making for television.New York TimesNorth Korean Orchestra Performs In France.The Unhasu Orchestra of North Korea, one of the country’s foremost …