29th June: ABRSM Fund Backs Grassroots Projects Abroad, Ettinger becomes Music Director in Naples, Travelling festival rehabilitates works by women composers

Tuesday 29th June '21

ABRSM Fund Backs Grassroots Projects in Haiti, Brazil, Kenya and NicaraguaFunding from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) has been awarded to grassroots music learning projects in Haiti, Kenya, Nicaragua and …

8th February – Dial 9 for symphony, 7 for Dickens and 2012 for Thelma

Wednesday 8th February '12

LA TimesMeryl Streep Explains How Opera Training Helps Her Vocal Control.Among the many pleasures of Meryl Streep's "Fresh Air" interview that aired Monday on NPR is the actress' discussion of her operatic training during her …