18th July: New life into the traditional music scene, BBC Proms opened with tribute to the people of Nice & Chloë Hanslip about musical journeys

Monday 18th July '16

Classical News In today's news, classical pianist Parker is breathing new life into the traditional music scene, pianist Till Hoffmann wins TONALi competition, and Chloë Hanslip talks about musical journeys. Also, first night of the BBC …

Haydn: Patronage & Palaces

Tuesday 10th November '15

The Esterházys were an immensely rich and powerful family. From the sixteenth century they held a prominent position in the Habsburg Empire and were important patrons of the arts. The family owned palaces in Vienna and throughout …

28th May: Barenboim – A free and uninhibited spirit, Warner Music acquires Polskie Nagrania and Rambert Dance Company to work with Garsington Opera

Thursday 28th May '15

Classical News In today's news documentary maker Christopher Nupen remembers his first encounter with Daniel Barenboim, and tells the story of their collaboration that led to the legendary 1969 film, The Trout. Warner Music Group has acquired …